Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"There's Water in the Tap."

The heat struck again today, but it was a tad cooler, and cooled off a whole lot more quickly then it had done last night thankfully. I hope and pray that this will be a continuous trend, although I think I'm going to ask my landlord about air conditioning tomorrow. So I did some writing today. Continued my work on my screenplay which continues to shock me how well I am doing with it so far, but that works to my long as it comes out good. The heat kept me from writing more, not to mention I was....distracted as well which essentially made it impossible to focus. I watched Green Lantern tonight, and although it was disappointing, I do have to say that it was entertaining despite lack of a good screenplay, a decent plot, likable characters, interesting villains, and a relatively confusing backstory. You won't miss much if you ignore its existence completely. It being September 5th I wish I had good news, but alas things remain as they are. There's too much bad news at home and more than that going on around the world. It all sucks, but I guess each of us makes it through the day by hoping, praying, thinking, believing, and wishing that better days lie ahead.

Green Lantern Trailer

Harry Potter Retrospective film (I found this and thought it was a rather lovely summation of all of the films and the journey Harry made. Might not want to watch it if you don't want anything spoiled.

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