Saturday, September 15, 2012

"The Emperor Is Not As Forgiving As I Am."

It was another boiler today in lovely San Diego. It's like stepping into an oven, but a very large one that is. Actually for a good portion of the day all I did was talk and listen; from about 11:30am-4:30pm. I met with a few good friends and we chatted about all kinds of fun and interesting things, and of course the added benefit of all of that was that I got to be in air conditioning! That pleased me greatly, although it would be nice to have a cooler home so that I could get stuff done instead of going elsewhere just so that I can survive without boiling to death. Of course then I didn't get any writing done today, although I thought about the latter part of the evening, but it didn't start really cooling off until almost 8pm, but which time I was watching Return of the Jedi. It is my least favorite of all six films, but I figured that I might as well end my marathon properly. I dislike watching the Empire lose and the Emperor die, but I guess "evil" has to lose and good win; it just isn't any fun, unless you're watching Revenge of the Sith that is, or The Empire Strikes Back. Do you know that if you remain ignorant then life is really easy to live, but become enlightened about the truth and pretty soon life begins to really suck, and is enormously difficult; much like the matrix vs. the real world. My friend I was chatting with, we talked about philosophy and theology and he helped clarify many thing for me, but there will always remain mysteries in life that we as corporeal finite beings will never be able to comprehend. Before I go off on a tangent and not make any sense, I'll stop. Enjoy your weekend everyone, and stay cool...unless you live in Antarctica then stay warm.

The Final Star Wars Duel

An early documentary on Return of the Jedi with Leonard Nimoy

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