Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Close of September.

What a week it has been! But the coming month should prove to have more challenges and surprises, especially over the next couple of weeks. The job interview I had yesterday went relatively well I suppose, but I'm not counting on getting it before Monday so I am in the early stages of enacting my contingency plan which I am surprisingly excited about. However, I will not declare anything until the fat lady sings, which will be Monday night. Today I was busy doing nothing and then in the evening I was rummaging through a lot of my stuff and trying to figure out what I need and don't need anymore, or want for that matter. I should have done that a long time ago, but eh I guess I'm doing it now and that's all that matters. I watched A Separation which won the Oscar for best Foreign Film, which was entered by Iran. Naturally of course the film takes place in Iran, and is about a married couple that is in the process of getting a divorce because the husband won't leave his father (who has Alzheimer's disease) and leave the country to raise their daughter elsewhere. With his wife gone the man has to hire outside help to take care of his father while he is at work, but a scuffle of sorts ensues and the woman (who was pregnant) has a miscarriage. Murder charges are brought against the husband and a battle of wills soon begins about who's fault it was that the baby died. Wow this was a very powerfully dramatic film, with extraordinary acting. I know nothing of modern day Iranians, or how accurate this is in its description, but it looks pretty darn realistic to me. I think that was what interested me the most, was being able to see inside another culture and how they function and deal the same things that every person in every culture deals with. The legal system is certainly a lot different, but the characters came across as very genuine and interesting. The story line was a little confusing at times, but all in all it was shot well, good dialog, and it was awesome to hear people speak....Arabic, or whatever language they were speaking in the film. I love hearing Middle Eastern dialects and languages. I really do love English, but for me there is something so magnificent about hear languages from that part of the world; Iran and Iraq are essentially the location where all civilization came from. You know what else is amazing, how fast people who speak that language can talk, and it seems to be a lot of languages, or English is just a very slowly spoken language. It made watching the subtitles and the action on screen a bit difficult at times, but nothing too strenuous. I'm going to give it a "Strong Ability" and yes I would watch it again and encourage other people as well, but approach it with an open mind. Season 5 of The Clone Wars launched today, which I will catch up on next week, but it promises to be a really sweet season. I finished watching the 4th season of Damages and it was astounding, with a very, very juicy ending; it was amazing! The 5th season should be something impressive. Well take care everyone and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

A Separation Trailer

Clone Wars Season 5 clip (I think this is part of the opening series story arc)

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