Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Surreal, But Nice."

What does one blog about when one doesn't write, which is what the aforementioned blog is about? Well I can't think of a bloody interesting thing, or reason to come up with. I could write about politics, but that's just a disappointing topic across boards, and people need to decide with their own reasoning how they swing and flow politically. What about international affairs? That's an unfortunate topic as well. It seems as if America is despised in the Middle East and a fading power in the rest of the world which has seen freedoms decrease and wealth become tighter. In perspective (mine that is) the world is a very grey place at the moment. People are dying and losing freedoms with each passing moment; some on a small, barely noticeable scale, some on a rather large scale. There is no sense of hope in the world, or even optimism; people are sensibly pessimistic, and rightfully so. What has led to this severe disappointment? Governments doing nothing but bickering, fighting, raising taxes and not solving any problems but rather creating news ones which will destroy nations down the road. Employers, who have to cut back, fail out right because of the economic downturn, or are just a rather despicable lot that fire you for all of the wrong reasons. Can you blame the banking institutions? Sure why not, after all there's plenty of blame to go around and they have their fair share it, but their business is to make money like Mrs. Deagle said in Gremlins and not to support a lot of "deadbeats." The list of who to blame could go on and on almost indefinitely. This is all stream of thought by the way, I don't know why I am writing this other than the fact that I am somewhat depressed, which is most likely effecting the content of what I am currently writing. It is also unfortunate that when I am feeling this way, I cannot write at all, which really sucks. Notting Hill with its fantastic humor helped get me through the night. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts together were amazing, and still after so many years since its release I find the most sincere pleasure watching this film. I really hope that as the world continues to turn that hope once again flourishes (not to sound trite), because as it stands right now from my perspective at least, things are only going to get worse.

Notting Hill Trailer

Notting Hill Film Clip

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