Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ready for Summer to be Over!

I seem to remember, growing up in Wisconsin as I did, that in September things began to cool off not heat up! Apparently it must be the opposite in Southern California because as the year goes on it seems to be getting warmer not cooler, which I have to admit without air conditioning is beginning to tax my nerves to the enth degree. Another gross thing that I've noticed happening is my skin is getting really dry in some places and molting, despite many applications of lotion. Luckily though, my apartment complex finally fixed the pool, so perhaps I'll go for a dip tomorrow sometime, although considering I don't know how to swim I'm not certain what I'd do besides wade, which sounds pretty boring. Oh some advice I have for people; always, always, always wash your lettuce no matter what. I suppose you should always wash all of your fresh produce, but especially your lettuce. Why am I harping on this? Well while I was enjoying a deliciously sumptuous taco that I had made, I noticed a dead fly/insect on a lettuce leaf on my taco absently staring at me. Fortunately I didn't vomit on the spot (not at all luckily) I spat what was in my mouth out. So there's the life lesson for today. My screenplay continues to come along very well, but I suppose I should do some of my other writing as well. What I really need to do is finish reading The Farthest Shore (3rd Earthsea book) so that I can read something else. I swear that book may only have 223 pages, but it seems like a thousand boring, nonsensical pages of crap. I guess I just don't see the delight that many others sea. Watched a good portion of the Democratic National Convention. It was very informative, and the speakers were very....loud? Hope everyone continues to have a good week.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Trailer (looks really, really bad; Jeremy Renner hasn't been picking a lot of winners lately poor guy. Whatever pays the bills I guess.)

Dorothy of Oz Trailer (not sure about this one).

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