Sunday, September 30, 2012

One Singular Vision.

I didn't sleep well and felt like crap in the morning, which was very irritating because I went to church and it made for a rather...unpleasant awakening to my alarm. Oh well, at least I will sleep well tonight, hopefully. I used my air conditioning without it breaking down today since it got up to the roaring 90's. This weather in Southern California is driving me crazy. It gets really hot, and then it cools off. Very ridiculous. So I didn't read anything very interesting in the newspaper, although the Wall Street Journal did seem to indicate that the Free Syrian Army, or rather the Syrian rebels, were making some progress taking Aleppo or something to that extent, so that was good to hear. It's almost like the Rebel Alliance fighting the Galactic Empire, except real and not as cool to watch or read about since it isn't fantasy of science fiction. Still, heart and fervent willpower always triumph over brute strength and tyranny. Had very long chats with my sister and mother, which was lovely, and it is really cooling off over there in the Midwestern United States. I watched some boring documentaries today, but I was able to see episode 1 of the Clone Wars season 5 which I believe is titled "Ambush." You can watch it on the official site, Cartoon Network, or as I did, YouTube. Darth Maul and Savage Oppress waste zero time with their taste and penchant for destruction and get right to work. Obi-Wan and Adi-Gallia are hot on their trail and hunt them all the way to Florum of course, where Hondo Ohnaka makes his usual humorous appearance. I actually can't wait to see that pirate rue the day; he really gets on my nerves, but there are times that I do like his character, but on;y occasionally. Overall it was a pretty good way to begin the season, although I would have maneuvered a little differently throughout the story. brain is suddenly blank so I will leave it at that. September will be finished in a matter of hours and October will arrive. I'm really looking forward to this coming month; it should be quite....challenging, yet very enjoyable.

"Ambush" episode (don't know how long the link will remain viable)

Damages Season 5 trailer (don't watch if you haven't seen the series. WOW! Is what I have to say)

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