Friday, September 21, 2012

"Good Night and Good Luck."

If I remember correctly, July and August were the hottest months in Wisconsin and Illinois, but apparently in California they are August and September. When you think it's cooling off then it heats back up again, and when you think you will melt like a bar of chocolate in the hot sun it cools back down again. This same cycle goes on and on until you are about ready to pull your hair out, or unless you have air conditioning then probably not. I was reading the Wall Street Journal today and there was pretty much nothing but bad news, and suddenly I began thinking; wouldn't it be great to hear some actually good news? Wouldn't it be great to lift people's spirits with some genuine, pleasant news? Alas, there's no news like bad news, as Elliot Carver said from James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies. This has been a somewhat bad week for writing because my life is in...limbo for lack of a better term, although the more I think about it the more it is quite accurate. I'm really hoping that over the weekend I'll be able to pool my concentration and put something down in many words at least. A writer who doesn't write is no writer at all, and write now it's beginning to feel that way, despite writing this blog. Good Night and Good Luck was the film for tonight. I was looking for something short, simple, good, and interesting and of course it met the criteria. George Clooney directed (and wrote) the film, which he also starred in as well alongside of David Strathairn, Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Daniels, Frank Langella, Patricia Clarkson and Tate Donovan. It was a fantastic cast which worked immensely well together. The cinematography I have to say was quite stunning, for which it was nominated for an Academy Award along with the film securing 5 other nominations but sadly no wins that year. It takes place during the 1950's when the communism scar was going on and U.S. Senator McCarthy was on his witch hunt eliminating all who opposed and stood in his away on his personal crusade against the Soviet Union. Television still in it's infancy was learning to walk and beginning to define itself. CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) had a news program to "60 Minutes" which begins to tackle the U.S. Senator and his methods, but it quickly becomes a difficult fight, and a fight for the truth which can often be obscured by fear. I give it a "Strong Ability" because honestly I really enjoyed it, although some would say it is slow and boring, I find it fascinating and interesting. It is a high caliber film, which George Clooney tends to be associated with on the average, and I believe the Oscar nominations put it best. It isn't a flashy film, but it is compelling with great acting so I think it would be worth seeing, and it's only an hour and a half long, you won't die from that.

Good Night and Good Luck Trailer

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