Monday, September 17, 2012


One of the great feelings and experiences for a writer is finishing a product, whether it be a book or in my case tonight a screenplay! Yes at around 86 pages my first draft screenplay is complete! Now to take a few steps back and let everything sit before going back to it. I feel like it was rushed in a few places, but I'm having a few people read it to give me their perspective so we'll see what comes of that. I'm hoping that once I'm done with it that when I submit it that someone will see it and love it enough to want to but it. Hey when you don't have a job and certain talents you're willing to try and make it however; besides I am told that's where all of the money in writing is. Fortunately the weather remained cool as well, which makes writing and day to day life so much easier. I began reading this book the other day called The Phony Marine written by Jim Lehrer, who yes was on the PBS Newshour and is an acclaimed news reporter. He is actually going to be moderating the first U.S. Presidential candidate debate coming up between President Obama and Mr. Romney. So far it is interesting, although his style is a bit rigid sounding, but it isn't boring that much is certain. I picked it up in the library when I was looking for something that could captivate my interest, and I saw this book and thought why not. Well, even though it seems like the world is going to collapse on itself, since that what it seems with all of the economic uncertainty and political chaos spreading like a wildfire across the globe; good pizza will always remain a comfort...that and good chocolate.

Humor also helps survive the trials of life: see below.

Star Wars: Robot Chicken Yarael Poof on the Council

Star Wars: Robot Chicken Yarael Poof Surviving the Council

Star Wars: Robot Chicken Yarael Poof in Disguise

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