Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Dead Cats & Incense."

What a hot day it was! Bloody hell it was ridiculous, but fortunately it cooled down immensely after the sun began to retreat beyond the horizon. I began the day with an invigorating hike through some very hilly and almost mountainous country with delightful company. By the time we were finished, I think we were dead tired not only from the hiking but also from the heat, and we even started early; suppose it better be earlier next time. The rest of the day was merely surviving the heat, which I may have to do a lot this week when I looked at the forecast as I am eagerly awaiting my air conditioning unit to be replaced soon. I set to work on my screenplay and I have to say that it is coming along wonderfully and I really like where I am going with it, and when it becomes an actual film I believe a good many people will like it as well (provided it is brought to screen correctly and well). I watched the first...episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and found it rather lovely, although I was shocked that it wasn't filmed in wide-screen. I guess though that television shows weren't filmed that way no matter what they were, a shame though. There is a level of campiness to the show, but I love the archaeology, history, and exploration that goes on. It is a show that I would have loved to have seen when I was a young boy; a shame that my parents never thought about that. Oh well. At least I have Star Wars. Oh the title is from the show by the way; a rather amusing part as well. I was actually going to have a different title but I couldn't remember what it was. Well I'll say it now just in case I forget. Happy Labor Day to everyone! Have a fantastic holiday!

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