Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Return to Something Damaged.

Have you ever thought of time travel? Have you ever sat back and thought about how many time travel oriented television shows and films you've watched, or how many comic books and fiction books are about the subject? There are several, and all of them have their own fictitious theories on how to produce the phenomenon; none of them really have any really good consistency. Being the writer I am, I decided to come up with my own method and theories for time travel. You know what I discovered based on my eleven principles of space, time and matter; time travel is impossible for a human being to do. We are made up of matter and exist in linear, finite time which can only exist in space, not outside of it which is how one could go back in time. I stumped myself for a while and I thought machines could do it, and then I realized that they are made of matter. Only something not bound by time and matter could time travel, and I think I finally discovered how it would work. My secret though shall remain with me until I am ready to publish it of course along with the story I am stewing in my head. I swear there are so many ideas for stories circling around my consciousness that it overwhelming for me to think about it, but it doesn't somehow. I was working on all of that for the better part of the afternoon, and I found out that Tungsten carbide is the strongest and heaviest metal (according to the source I found). Such a cool word isn't it; Tungsten, kind of like ladle. My publisher sent me a paperback copy of the second edition of my book The Curse of a Warrior which was very cool to see. So if you want the second edition it's in softcover if you don't want to shell out the cash for the hardcover, but it doesn't feel as nice personally. There's something really cool about hardback, and especially seeing your own work in hardback. Don't know if I mentioned this yesterday, but my air conditioning was finally fixed after a month and a half of being off-line. It's all very cruelly ironic since the weather is finally cooling off, and the dude to fix it showed up at 10am in the morning pounding on my door without an appointment; really classy way to run an apartment complex. Anyways what's done is done. I have a job interview tomorrow morning so cross your fingers, pray and I am certain a miracle will soon follow. So the night before last I began watching Damages season 4, and wow! Glenn Close and Rose Byrne are back with a vengeance, and so is the case that they are working on together. John Goodman and Chris Messina also star along with some other great talent. So far the story line is 100% engrossing; from the very first episode of the season I was hooked. It is intense though, since it is essentially a premium cable show now, the rules have slackened since it is no longer par of FX, but it still remains incredible. If you like excellent drama, excellent stories, and excellent acting while not being wimpy about content then you will get just as easily hooked as I was. I took a break to blog and then I'm going to watch a few more episodes. Dexter and Damages are the only shows I have watched multiple episodes in a row just so I could find out what was going to happen next. I'm not exaggerating either. I think I've done enough promotion for the show though. I cam across an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today; the Brazilian government has either arrested or brought in a Google station chief over in that part of the world for questioning. Apparently the government demanded that a video mocking a politician be taken down from Youtube, and Google of course refused along with the video that is being blamed for the apparent unrest in the Islamic world. I try not to discuss politics on this blog, but at times it does seep through my words. I have no qualms about talking about freedom and the liberty to express one's opinion without fear of reciprocity. This idea is now being openly assaulted in places like Brazil and Russia, which are considered "developed" and leading nations in the world. I find that quite scary, but what's even scarier is that it is happening and bastions of freedom like the United States and Great Britain are doing nothing, and I'm not mainly referring to the governments; the people are doing nothing. So ask yourselves why then there isn't any good news. People make good news or bad, but oftentimes people rather hear the bad news. You know, the celebrity scandals, political scandals, and just scandal in general. Murderers, rapists, serial killers, mass murderers all get top press; I wonder what that says about the general state of "developed" society. My soap box for the month of September. Have an excellent weekend everyone.

Damages Season 4 Promo

"Once in Every Lifetime" by Jem. Was listening to it and thought it was quite inspirational for my current situation. Thought I would share it with everyone.

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