Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Reichenbach Fall.

There were two things of note in the newspapers I read today, and the first one is that in Vietnam some bloggers (4 I believe) were sentenced to prison, or something harsher, for blogging concerning political opposition to the very stringent and oppressive communist government that is in control of that country. I believe this is the same government the U.S. by the way was fighting during the Vietnam War. The U.S. State Department said that it was "very concerned" and suggested that the prisoners be released. If you've been keeping an eye on how the current U.S. Presidential Cabinet responds to international problems and difficulties those words "very (or greatly) concerned" have been the usual chorus of objection. I personally would have said that the United States is disgusted with this flagrant disregard for human rights and stated that the U.S. would be seeking harsh measures against the Vietnamese government until the prisoners were released and the country shows signs of easing human rights violations. Sadly however, who knows what the current U.S. administration's actual foreign policy is, because it certainly isn't clear if anything. Human rights and freedom should be every American's top foreign policy, as that is what this country stands for. The other noteworthy news item (although I feel like there was a third) is that there may be a birth control pill for men. Apparently there weren't any adverse side effects in the mice the drug was tested on, and the male mice went right back to producing sperm after being taken off the drug. I found this very fascinating because I suppose the mere thought that men would be taking birth control seemed....odd I guess. I would be curious to read the long term studies and short term studies when they begin human testing (sounds like one of those creepy science experiments doesn't it). Still no good news, but I finally after many, many long days of getting no writing done was able to finish another Modern War Story The Sword and the Shield: Liberty's Long Struggle. The plot really begins to thicken and go forward in this episode as we get closer to the end of it all. I think writing this helped zap me back to the writing spirit. It has been rather difficult lately as I have been distracted by the heat and other difficulties, but it has been gently cooling off and today it was significantly cooler. I finished the second season of Sherlock this evening and well....the title of the blog says it all. I had a lot of hope for this episode, but it kind of was disappointing unfortunately. There were many enjoyable parts, but honestly I don't like their interpretation of the Sherlock Holmes character (which has nothing to do with the actor's great performance). He comes off as way too flawed, way to arrogant, and oftentimes cruel which he never was. I always found him more purposely aloof and merely gently unconcerned with people's emotions. It was diverting enough anyways though. Next up: season 4 of Damages. Been waiting for this one for a while.

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