Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Bit of Insurrection Anybody?

This blasted heat will not relent, and it's beginning to vex me greatly. I yeah I get that it's summer and all of that, but truly it would be nice to not have to deal with these extreme temperatures; it sucks! Thank God I have ready access to electricity, water, and fans though otherwise I would be literally bumming it out on the beach until it cooled off, or until my air conditioning unit was fixed (which it has yet to be). Timing in all things for me never ceases to be completely off; similar to well a text book case for Murphy's Law I am. Despite the vicious heat, I was able to get quite a bit of writing done, although it stopped me from getting more done then I could have. Did some editing, and continued my trek towards the epic conclusion for my "The Sword and the Shield" modern war story series. This biggest break came though when I sat down and began writing the initial stages of a new screenplay that I have been thinking of. The nice thing about this screenplay is that it is a small, romantic dramedy of sorts, although I am still working everything out. It looks like it will be really good when it is complete, but it will test my skill to create dialog that is witty, clever, humorous at times, yet convey serious thoughts and emotions as well when the time comes. Since I am apparently in a Star Trek theme as of late, I decided to watch Star Trek: Insurrection. It isn't really one of my favorites, which of the Next Generation films I only have one (First Contact) as the rest of them seem like long episodes right from the television series with the exception perhaps of Nemesis. Now, Insurrection was relatively well done and there were lots of great moment of subtle humor, that having watched the entire series helps have a deeper appreciation for all of that, which worked well with the characters. Yet still though, there wasn't anything really...epic movie like to the nature of the plot, which makes it all kind of fall flat. I did however like the references to Deep Space Nine, that was a nice touch. Anyways that's why I prefer Star Wars more (although there are a multitude of more reasons why). So happy September to everyone, and enjoy the Labor Day weekend; it's going to come and go all too quick. Ciao!

Star Trek: Insurrection Trailer

The Making of Star Trek: Insurrection (locations).

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