Thursday, September 6, 2012

2 More Months!

At this point and time two more months from now, hopefully one of the candidates for President of the United States will be declared the winner and we don't have any of that crap that happened in 2000. I finished watching the Democratic National Convention and although it was equally illuminating at the Republicans, I didn't find it as humorous, although it did have some good moments. It certainly had more Hollywood power though than the Republicans; Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), Scarlet Johnannson (The Avengers), and Eric McCormick were present to name a few (only the first two gave a speech). I personally cannot wait for November 6th for a number of reasons: 1, it will be nice to have this political drama over, although it's a real nail biter though; a good suspenseful story with plot and enough drama to make an Oscar award winning film. The second reason is that the conclusion of my Sword and the Shield series will be posted that night, and you'll understand the significance of that after you read the episode. Today was warm, but it did cool off pretty well and the cooling down trend continues, although I still would prefer the high to be in the mid 70s F. I decided to make myself a cake since I wanted something sweet to eat, and since I had all of the ingredients it was a cinch. It was a white cake with vanilla cream frosting; both made completely from scratch! I haven't tasted the cake yet, the frosting was divine, despite needing some more vanilla flavoring. I finished The Farthest Shore and now only have one last book left in the cycle "Tehanu." Even after finishing the book my opinion of it hasn't changed at all and has perhaps even become more solidified in that the series is "blah" and poorly written, or I'm blind as to what constitutes a good fantasy book. Even if it isn't "blah" no one can argue that it isn't boring, because it really is. A small 223 page book should be easy to read, but this one wasn't. I advise to skip these books. My screenplay is finally catching on fire and the story is really flying along now! So far I have 41 pages written, and I think it will be wrapped up around 100 pages or so give or take. I haven't quite figured out yet what direction I will take the story, or rather how far I will go with it. Creative decisions can be really tricky frequently. Well the first full week of September is almost over. So far so good, although it could always be a little better.

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