Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Final Treatment.

Well for In Treatment they have put 2 weeks on one disc, so last night I watched week 1 and then today I watched week 2. For patients things are a little more interesting, but still there aren't any really crazy patients, and some are just wretchedly whiny and self-absorbed. I am fascinated to see how things go in this apparently final season of the show, but I can honestly understand why it only had 3 seasons. If they would have had more interesting patients then I think it would have fared better. Oh well, it did give me some ideas and was diverting frequently enough. Since it's been so hot here in San Diego, I decided that I would finally give in and use my air conditioning. I should always know that Murphy's Law applies to me no matter where, when or how. I was able to enjoy nice cool air for almost an hour, and then it stopped working just as quickly as it began. Fortunately it wasn't unbearable in regards to the temperature, but it was uncomfortable enough to be....well...uncomfortable I suppose. I continued reading A Wizard of Earthsea and although it has picked up a little, I am still finding it immensely boring, dull, and hastily told. The story seems to be cruising at maximum speed without any details on the setting or even the characters for that matter. The world that she created is pretty good, but she rarely spends any time exploring it in the book so far, but we'll see after I'm done reading it and the rest of the series of books she wrote in connection to the word of  "Earthsea." In a matter of hours it will be a new day and the start of a new week, which I have a feeling will be one filled with memorable moments, especially on Monday so stay tuned.

In Treatment Season 3 Patient Overview

Red Dawn Trailer. Not sure why they're making a remake of this, but it looked good half-way through before....well it reminded me of stupidity. Poor Chris Hemsworth.

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