Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wait For It....

Although if you wait much longer for it you may just melt. Yep it was another high sweltering heat wave today, and so I treated my bathtub like a swimming pool and it worked out reasonably well. I read my newspaper there and watched some Law & Order and just chilled,with quite the literal meaning. The irritating thing about the weather is that it is scorching hot when the sun is out, and rather tolerable and nice when it goes least for as close to the coast as I am. If I only had a couple layers of shade blocking my apartment from the assault of the sun then I wouldn't be roasting as bad, but no one believes in large trees around here apparently. So when I wasn't roasting I was attempting to write, but that went nowhere really fast, although I acquired this rather fantastic idea for a premium cable television show which I am going to slowly begin to develop. At first I thought that it would make a fantastic film, but then I realized the scope of what I wanted to do and what could be done would be better served in that format; kind of like why they chose to make Game of Thrones as an HBO series rather than a film. So in the evening after the sun went down and things began cooling off, I put in THOR and enjoyed watching that as I had been meaning to watch it for a while. I can't remember what got me into the mood weeks ago, but for some reason Norse mythology with a Marvel spin on it appealed to me. I think I might have mentioned before how rather thrilling and interesting Norse mythology is; ya'll should read up on it (although Egyptian is also very fascinating as well). Heard back from my publisher peoples and they said it might take up to about a week and a half before my book, The Curse of a Warrior, is on the open market, so remain posted. In the meanwhile I shall begin prepping Book 2 to get ready to send off; it needs just a few finishing least the last time I looked. Who know's what I'll think of it now. Drafting and editing can be a real pain in the neck.

The Making of THOR 

Chef Ramsay on "Quick" Cheesecake (he makes it look so easy).

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