Friday, August 10, 2012

Therapeutic Auto Care.

There is nothing quite like working on a car to get out one's aggression and other internalized anxieties, but if that were true I would feel so much better. I think I spent close to almost 2 hours working on my car trying to fix a few dents and other....problems that I have ignored up to this point. After several cuts, scrapes, bumps, buckets of sweat, and filthy hands I was able to get things in a pretty good temporary spot for the time being until I can get a professional to do work on it, or until I acquire a new vehicle. However, I doubt that will be anytime soon. Did I mention that I hate doing auto care work, especially when it's hot out. One time I was changing the oil in the car back in Wisconsin during a very hot and humid summer, and the bolt that blocked the oil spout from the oil pan fell into the bucket where the old oil was emptying out. So I had to reach into the oil and pull out the bolt; my entire arm was blackened, and it took forever to rinse all of the oil off. I was lucky enough to see some dear old college friends that I haven't seen in a very, very long time. We had homemade pizza, which was so incredibly delicious, I think that it was actually better than pizza hut. The three of us caught up on current events with each other's lives and just had a lot of fun chatting. You see I was in their wedding, and the groom and I have the pleasure of writing so we had lots to chat about. Unfortunately it was very hot where they lived, which is a whole lot further inland than I do, so therefore it was blisteringly hot. I was very thankful to return to the cooler part of San Diego when I got back to my apartment, which I had to air out since it was like a sauna as everything had been shut up while I was out. After I post this I'm going to begin watching In Treatment season 3, so hopefully the patients will be a whole lot more interesting this time around, or rather much more interesting. Well that's it for today, so I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend and that good news abounds!

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