Saturday, August 18, 2012

"The Honor of God is a Good Thing."

Thank the maker for Starbucks! I took some of my good advice and hung out there and wrote in the air conditioning instead of roasting at my place. I even ordered this delightful drink called a lime refresher or something like that; apparently it is made with some sort of tea, and it tasted quite good surprisingly. I think I might have been there for at least 3 hours, although it could have been 4 now that I think about it. Boy they had that air cranked up high thankfully. It was so high that when I returned to my apartment, which was at 89 degrees F., the heat didn't bother me for almost an hour. The perfect solution to keep oneself from roasting is to nearly freeze oneself, and then you will slowly thaw over a period of time until the coolness of the evening. I did get quite a bit of writing done on a new project, but I didn't get to the one that I had wanted to get to. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. After re-connecting with my father, who had recently returned from the country of Colombia, I sat down for dinner and watched the film Becket. It is about the Norman/British king Henry II and his confidant and friend Thomas Becket whom he made the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury. If you have never seen Peter O'Toole (Henry II) perform in his younger years than you are missing a rich treat. As this character he has so much charisma, so much life and it was so well done. The dialog was perfect and rich. Richard Burton as Thomas Becket was also fantastic, although I have to say I enjoyed his character much more before he became the Arch-Bishop. Richard Burton is another individual that if you've never seen act you are most certainly missing out. Currently favorite film with him in it is Where Eagles Dare; it's a WWII film about a British team of agents penetrating the German lines to rescue an American general. It is a brilliant and fun film, which also has Clint Eastwood in it, so you know that there is plenty of action. If you also happen to read up on the entire British monarchy it is very fascinating  to discover the whys and wherefores of how their line came to be the way it did. Richard the I was Henry II son, as was John I (think Robin Hood era). My love of history may be perhaps why I thoroughly enjoy such films. And remember just because a film is older than you, doesn't mean it's a bad film. Oh I have to add that it is my sister's birthday today, so congrats to her and I hope she has a great time with her friends. She also told me today that she met an Oscar winner from the most recent awards show. Pretty awesome if you ponder it. Such a small world, and it keeps getting smaller all of the time. I think though I will keep everyone in suspense about who it was. Ciao!

Becket Trailer

Becket Scene

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