Sunday, August 26, 2012

"The Eaten One"

So today was very relaxing and unproductive; just like a Sunday should be in my least when you don't work that day. I finally sat down and began reading the next Earthsea book "The Tombs of Atuan." So far it is much easier to read, more engaging, and smaller than the first book. However, it doesn't make a lot of sense, it remains boring, the characters are all boring (for none of the same characters that were in the first book are in this one so far and I am nearly halfway through the 162 page book). I don't know how this book was up for an award, or why people even like this series because it is so boring, and not written in an engaging way. Nothing is compelling about any of the characters, the plot, and there is nothing wonderful or cool about the setting either, which is a really bad thing considering this is a fantasy book. Once again it amazes me how books can become published and famous when they're not even that good; it's very dumb. Well, life sucks as usual. I received some very aggravating news about a half an hour ago which got me down really low unfortunately, and there's no real quick way to fix it. I wonder what it would take to acquire a boring, slow, predictable, stable, pleasant, minimum strife free life. To have negative things continually happen to you is very taxing on the psyche, and I don't even really have terribly horrible things happening to me, so it make you wonder in awe how people in North Korea, Syria, and China survive and able to convince themselves to live on. Hopefully for me this week sees something very positive happening, because more bad news would be just............not very pleasant. Best of luck to everyone else with their week.

Star Wars: Detours Trailer (a new hysterically funny looking show from "Robot Chicken" I believe).

Star Wars: Detours Clip

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