Friday, August 3, 2012

Sheer Bloody Genius.

I have just been reading about Nikola Tesla for the past couple of hours. I went to the library and got a book on the famous electrician, as well as a John le Carre novel. About Tesla though; WOW! What an incredible and extraordinary man, inventor, and most of all visionary. His concepts of wireless technology date all the way back to the early 1900's. He is credited with alternating current, and was also credited with the invention of the radio, although this was only awarded to him after his death via the U.S. Supreme Court in legal battle between a corporation and the U.S. government. Granted as he aged he showed several signs of psychological illnesses and disorders, but nothing that seemed violent or harmful. He had truly powerful talent and was light years beyond his time unfortunately. If he was alive now, wow I don't think anything would have been impossible for him to do. What made all of his inventions and dreams possible was his own hard work and private capital, no government involvement at all or assistance. If you've been paying attention to American politics, you know exactly what I am....referring to. From what I read, he had a fascinating mind and imagination. His latter years were marked with poor health and unstable mental awareness, however he was working on some sort of super weapon, which after his death all materials (papers & devices) were confiscated by the FBI and are still being held with only individuals in the intelligence community having access to them according to the book I read. I find that very interesting. The super weapon was apparently a particle beam, which apparently the Soviets claimed they had duplicated back in 1977 or something to that extent and time. To the say the least, Tesla was a misunderstood genius, was before his time, and loyal to a fault. I suggest reading up on him, I promise you won't be disappointed. Oh and another rather fun and interesting note that I found very....amusing was that one of his good friends and admirers in his old age was a man by the name of Kenneth Swezey. Such curious odds. I discovered on YouTube that the Foodnetwork has a lot of videos on there so I was watching a bunch of them and planning all of the delicious things that I would make in the next couple of months or so. I swear, I have a new profound love of food. Oh, and I found this incredible recipe for homemade lemonade. The key is to melt the sugar in water over low heat before combining it with the lemon juice and water, that way the sugar is already dissolved and won't sink to the bottom of the pitcher. Didn't get around to watching the Olympics today, but the U.S. still remains ahead of the Chinese in the medal race by 1 so far according to what I saw before writing thing blog entry. Week 6 of In Treatment was really, really good; a whole lot more drama instead of all of the surface fluff that has been a constant in the 2nd season. The final week of the season remains, and then onto season 3. Enjoy your first weekend in August everyone, or everyone who are already enjoying it.

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