Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No More Treatment.

Let me just say that it is very obvious why there wasn't a 4th season of In Treatment, and why the final season was shorter than the first. Some of the most boring patients were in the 3rd season, and some of the best were in the first season. I don't know who was responsible for choosing the types of patients, but they could have chosen a few more dynamic problems people were receiving treatment for. The season and series finale fell completely flat for me; I was very, very disappointed. I was expecting more drama like the two previous seasons, but nope it was very....sedate, although there was a twist that I wasn't expecting and it was pretty impressive plot wise, but it didn't make up for a lot of the other patients that fell rather flat. All in all the show was very fascinating idea that gave insight into what a therapist may deal with with in the course of practicing psychology in a therapeutic setting, and what not to do when you're a therapist as well. boundaries are huge in this department for the well being of the client and therapist as well, no matter your "feelings" may be telling you. Ironically I began watching this series right after getting fired from my job, and now....well let's just say there may be an opportunity opening up for me. Who knows, but I'm guessing I should find out by the end of the week. I was reading the Wall Street Journal & the local newspaper, and I ran across an article talking about injustices across the world in various countries' judicial system. By now I'm certain everyone has heard that the Russian punk band received 3 years in prison for singing about President Putin in a rather demeaning way apparently. I guess it also shocked a bunch of people, but how many of you of forgotten that Putin was once a part of the KGB (the soviet secret police); he's a dictator slowly biding his time and trampling over people's rights while the rest of the western civilization sits back and does nothing, which seems to be in vogue due to what's happening in Syria which continues to get worse and worse as a civil war. Did you know that you could be put to death in Pakistan for insulting Mohammed and Allah, or that in you could receive jail time for criticizing the President or King in Thailand, Indonesia, and let's not forget all of the severe penalties one can incur from living where state religions' care more about fear and order than forgiveness and compassion like Saudi Arabia. I challenge people to look at the trend across the globe concerning all levels of freedom, whether it be on a small local level, or a large scale in a foreign country or in your own. Freedom is beginning to become a commodity that seems to be getting slighted. Here in California, the state is most likely going to outlaw a type of psychological treatment called "Reparative Therapy" (Google it), and although there are valid arguments for pro and con, the point is that things like this begin small but they grow until people are left with fewer and fewer freedoms. People across the world are getting scared and want to be protected and assured by their governments because of the economic instability, which isn't necessary per se bad, but you should watched V For Vendetta to refresh your mind what that looks like, and also roll back your history books to 1920's Germany and Hitler's rise to power. How do you think he did it? I could keep yacking, but I think I'm done with my soap box. People in the world need to start thinking with their minds, and stop thinking with their feelings. So moving on, I unfortunately didn't get a lot of writing done, but I thought about it.....yet somehow that doesn't seem to get anything accomplished. One of my more annoying patterns; get a lot done, and then nothing. Sheesh, I've got to work on that. Enjoy your week!

In Treatment Scene from Season 3

Die Forelle from "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows." I was listening to it and thought that I'd share it. I also had this very fascinating story idea about a serial killer who listens to German opera. I think there is something there, I'm going to use it.

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