Thursday, August 2, 2012

Keeping up with the Reds.

Dannel Leyva winning Bronze for the U.S. Men's Olympic Team

I finally came to the conclusion that the book I was reading on Napoleon was ridiculously boring. It was supposed to be a biography on the man I thought, and although the author did write about him, there was a great deal of time spent on other individuals and events. All of that is fine, but I borrowed the book wanting to read about the man on the title, not his generals, rivals, lovers, wives, family, and other such individuals. So I am going to return it and see if I can find something else a little more engaging and true to topic. I didn't watch any Olympics today; I've kind of lost the drive or desire to watch anything, not sure why. The U.S. team though finally has more medals than China, and both teams as of now have the same amount of gold medals. It's just like the past with the Soviet Union; how very interesting since both have communism is common. I didn't per se get any writing done, but I did continue my editing and continuation of the Tale of 3 Brothers story. I would have done more, but one of my sisters called me and we chatted for a couple of hours or so. The rest of the day was kind of blah like I suppose you could say. Nothing overly interesting has been happening to me lately, but I keep hoping that will change soon. I don't know how other countries do it, but did you know that American citizens that win medals in the Olympics have to pay taxes on the medals they win. Apparently bronze medals cost below $20 and gold costs up between $250 if I recall correctly. Each person who wins a medal also is awarded a cash prize, which also gets a hefty tax. How dumb is all of that. You work hard for years and years just to have your government slap you in the face after you win a medal for them and represent them on one of the world's greatest international stadiums. The government is the one who should be rewarding the athletes who win, not punishing them. In other news, Kofi Anan has quit as U.N. Special Envoy to Syria because of neither side willing to negotiate with the other. Gee, I wonder why the revel forces wouldn't want to negotiate with a lying mass murderer. He also blames the U.N. Security Council for petty squabbling essentially and not being unified along with the rest of the international community. It's interesting, because in the news piece that I watched, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that U.N. needed to do more, but when it came time for intervening in Libya he and French President Nicholas Sarkozy were at the forefront of military intervention. I wonder why Syria is treated so different by many in Europe. As the Syrian civil war continues to grow and worsen, more of the civilian population continues to be killed by the Assad regime as fighting escalates in Aleppo and Damascus. I pray for the sake of the people of Syria, that the rebels get some assistance more than words and aid.

PBS Newshour clip on the Syrian Civil War

Dannell Leyva performing routines at the U.S. Gymnastic Trials for Olympics

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