Monday, August 13, 2012

Inescapable Heat.

No matter what you do or where you run, the heat finds you. Saturday was barely bearable without air conditioning, Sunday was just plain hot and nearly unbearable, today I was just plain miserable and hot. Hopefully the unit, or whatever it wrong with it will be fixed before tomorrow begins to roast too much, at least I hope. It got up to 92 degrees F. in my apartment today, and right now it is about 80 degrees F. in a few parts of my apartment.. It really sucks. The heat is so intense during the day that I cannot get all of it out of my apartment with the limited number of fans that I have before I got to bed, which sucks because that same heat will be there in the morning. So since I didn't have air conditioning for the day, I was planning to soak in cool water in my bathtub for as long as possible which I did. However, I was expecting a package from UPS to arrive so I was hanging out waiting for them to show up, which they never did from what I thought. Apparently though I missed them although I was sitting in my living room with the front door open and kitchen window. I never heard a single word or knock at the door, yet I find another slip of paper (since I missed them on Friday) saying that I basically wasn't there for them to deliver what I have been eagerly awaiting for. To say I was mad is an understatement; between Fed-Ex and UPS I don't know which one I dislike more. I have had more problems with those two parcel delivery services than I have ever had with the United States Post Office, which is a government run service for goodness sake. So I had a later dinner and late time because I was cooling down in the bathtub, which worked wonderfully. I got my laptop computer and watched a film while I was chilling. I think I might have done that for a little over an hour before I got out and went on with the rest of the night, trying to remain cool. I am praying that tomorrow is cooler, or that my A/C unit is fixed or whatever is going on with it otherwise I may just end up going delirious from all of the heat. When things are cool enough I may just be able to get some writing accomplished once again. Oh and my cheesecake turned out very, very well; cooked a tad too long, but not overdone or underdone thankfully. A huge tip for excellent baking is be certain that your oven is calibrated properly and get an oven thermometer.

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