Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good News at Last.

Actually I'm going to begin with bad news. So I had an electrician come in today and take a look at my A/C unit and it is toast, which means they have to replace it. It apparently takes a couple weeks for the new one to come, so I will be praying for haste in that regard; for the time being though my manager offered to get me a window A/C unit which I think I shall take her up on. All in all though it could have been worse, and it wasn't too bad today, but that apparently won't last long. The good news is that I finally have within my hands a copy of The Curse of a Warrior in all of its second edition glory. I have to admit that when I saw it I was stunned beyond belief; speechless, truly speechless. There is something so wonderful, so intensely amazing about seeing your own work in a hardcover bound book; it's like there's something about that format which makes it official, and I have to say that the cover art is pretty darn good. I emailed my publisher after looking through the book for any printing mistakes and gave them the green light. So it will be very soon on the market! All of this means by the way that I can finally shift my complete attention to book 2, and then once that gets underway I will begin writing book 3. I'm very, very excited and happy about all of this. The whole thing has been a long process, but I believe it was well worth the wait. I really think the story is quite lovely, and I believe that people will really enjoy it no matter age, ethnicity, sex, or whatever else. When the trilogy is complete it will become a new mythology, at least that is what I'm aiming for. So all of that kept me busy during the day, along with some writing for The Tale of 3 Brothers, and I finished reading A Wizard of Earthsea. The book's ending was anti-climactic, rather confusing, and quite boring. I think I will review the series together, otherwise they'll be very short reviews. Ms. Le Guin created an extraordinary world which I liked, but she didn't do very much with it. She didn't invest a lot in her characters, which many of were a goldmine of potential literary enjoyment but most came off as flat, if not all if you take in the whole perspective. Hopefully the rest of the series will be much more enjoyable, or rather at least not boring. Well, perhaps the future is looking brighter for me; who knows. Being a writer seems to have more downs than ups for me so far, but maybe my circumstances will change God willing.

The Curse of a Warrior Second Edition Announcement

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