Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finding a Good Book.

So today I began reading my first John le Carre novel- "Our Kind of Traitor." To say the least I read about three pages and put it down in frustration. Honestly, I'm not quite certain if I was in the right mood to read or what, but I was immediately bored and put off. Granted sometimes it takes time for books to develop and get interesting, and I can appreciated that, but only a little. From my point of view, the writer has a very limited amount of time to interest the reader; I actually heard said that if the reader isn't really grasped by the first chapter then you have lost him or her for good. With the book I was reading, it was very confusing; I didn't understand the structure of how the manuscript was formatted, and the main character immediately came off to me as petty, selfish, and whiny. Not a very good start. I'm going to try reading it again tomorrow and see if I can get any further with it, if not then oh well. I put in a request at the local library for the first Tales of Earthsea book by Ursula K. Le Guin. Perhaps that will be better. I had a friend come over and we watched The King's Speech which no matter how many times that I see it remains amazing with all of the great acting, writing, and phenomenal story that it possesses. Then, what would the day be like without my new profound fascination in food and discovering new recipes, refining current techniques, and watching essentially all of this great food being made. Whether it's steak, scrambled eggs, soup, cheese, or cake there seems to be no limit on what people can do with all of the delightful edible goodness that can be found on our planet. That makes me wonder, that if life did or does exist on other planets; what would they eat? If you lived on Mars, all that you'd really be able to feast on is rusty dirt and rocks, which aren't very tasty my guess is. I also spent part of the day performing technical tasks with my website and blog, which were partly successful if you've noticed any additional changes on the blog. Well for me, in less than 2 1/2 hours a new week begins with hopefully new opportunities and...well hopefully a job. Have a fantastic rest of the weekend!

Gordon Ramsay Cooking Breakfast

A different take on Smores (looks very, very yummy!)

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