Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Everyone's Sorry About Something."

Growing up whenever it was my birthday or one of my sister's birthdays we were allowed to pick our own cake that we wanted, what we wanted to eat for dinner, and what film we wanted to watch as well. I usually picked my mum's tacos or pizza with Pepsi and 7up (on average), and my mother made the most (still does) delicious "Black Magic Cake" (I'm sure you can understand the allure to it just from the title), and then for a film I would pick Where Eagles Dare or more frequently I would pick the animated G.I. Joe film, which was a huge favorite of mine. I also had in my toy repertoire several G.I. Joe action figures, weapons, tank like things, and other.....stuff. Now you can imagine my delight several years later when I hear that they are making a live action film, and yes I had a huge bias going into the film about why I enjoyed and liked it so much. In my opinion, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is an excellent action and make believe story/film. Yes it does have it's occasional corny dialog (sometimes more than occasional), but you cannot argue with the excellent cast and the overall look that the film had. Feeling a little nostalgic I did watch it this evening, and I still maintain my opinion of it; let's get one thing straight people, it is only a film so don't get too upset or stupefied for me liking it. After watching The Bourne Legacy in the past couple of weeks, the action in G.I. Joe I thought was far more superior than the action in the latest Bourne film, and I would rather watch G.I. Joe many times than the latter film. If they would have focused more time on the dialog and kept the scope of things just a hair smaller, it would have been astoundingly better, but hey Stephen Sommers still did a fantastic job regardless of what the critics said. Not every film series can be done like Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Alright, on with the show. I had lunch with a good friend and former co-worker of mine today and then we went out hiking. Despite being rather warm, the more difficult part was that I haven't been hiking, walking, or exercising in a while since I was....relieved of my previous job so I am quite tired at the moment with a slight blister on my foot. Not highly comfortable, but it was all well worth it; some people are just awesome to hang around no matter what you do or what happens. Things that happen in life that we humans consider "bad" or "horrible," well we have to remember that those thoughts are based on perception of the whole entire scope of the situation. Therefore, what may be considered "bad" or "dreadful" may actually be "good" and "better;" notice I did not utilize the word "pleasant." Pain is pain, and every version of it sucks no matter how you positively you spin it. I think I might just be beginning to see the perspective that what happened with me losing my job will be for the better; it's kind of a comforting thought. Which would go over so much better if my neighbor's children weren't screeching their bloody little heads off as I write about it. The weekend is coming, and so I hope that everyone is going well since we're passed the half-way point.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Trailer

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Interviews with Cast

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