Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Is there anything better than chocolate? Who knows but God, but one thing is for certain I love chocolate. Today I made the most fantastic chocolate brownies completely from scratch, and they are perhaps the best brownies I've ever made in my whole entire life. They certainly taste better than any boxed or packaged brownies that the massive food industry can come up with. I really, really enjoy chocolate. I would eat it all of the time if I was filthy rich; chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate bavarian cream pie, chocolate pudding, chocolate candy, chocolate truffles, and of course chocolate cheesecake. Yet there are so many more tasty possibilities with chocolate which I one day look forward to exploring. I made myself some more home made lemonade which turned out very yummy, and this time I used fresh lemons and limes although juicing them was a royal pain in the neck. At the end of all of the work though, the result was spectacular; definitely worth all of the trials and patient waiting. For dinner I made myself salmon, potatoes, and some green beans. I wanted to try the honey salmon recipe, but I would have needed to marinate it for about 2 hours to do that, which wasn't going to happen at 5pm, and as for the teriyaki recipe I wasn't too certain about that. The last time I tried mixing teriyaki with something I hated it, so I think I may wait for next time for that one. You know, the nice thing about baking from scratch is that if you make it something you consistently do many of the things that you need to make something you already have in stock, so for example to make the brownies I had everything I already needed at my place without having to go grocery shopping. Pretty sweet. Now if I only had a lemon tree I would be set. Before you think that this is turning into a food blog I will mention that I did a good bit of writing this evening continuing on with my "The Sword and the Shield" series. If I remain focused tomorrow I should be able to post it on my website, that is if I remain focused that is. And I completely forgot about my fantasy series. Cooking, baking, cleaning, and eating take up a lot of time. Oh, and I finished the final week of In Treatment season 2. It ended rather anti-climatically actually, but all around I'd say it was a fairly good week, but very little drama with hardly any good bits whatsoever like the 1st season. Oh well. I hope that the 3rd and final season is better, with much more interesting patients. Tomorrow marks the half-way point through the week and nothing really exiting has happened to me yet, so I will keep my fingers crossed.

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