Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chased Any Shadows Lately?

Fortunately the temperature remained relatively low today thanks in part to some thick cloud cover, but I am really hoping that they get that air conditioning unit fixed, or installed or whatever soon. Roasting like I have for the remainder of the summer isn't something I'd rather do. So the spirit of writing returned to me today and I actually did quite a bit; not a fantastically large amount, but enough to put me back on track. With any luck tomorrow will see something posted on my website once again. I began reading the third Earthsea book, "The Farthest Shore," and I must admit that the beginning surprised me. The author really has an interesting methodology behind how she sets up her story and plot timeline, not to mention how she bobs and weaves through different characters. I personally find it mildly distasteful and aggravating, but hey they're her books and apparently people have enjoyed reading them enough since the 1970's for them to still be popular and in circulation. Whatever. Oh bit of news on the freedom front; Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad is getting reinforcements from his fellow dictator snake Ayatollah Khomeini from Iran. Obviously you can see both men are committed to a peaceful solution, freedom, and equality.......not really. Let me tell you what is being done about this........................................................................................................that's right. Nothing. More people continued to be massacred, and the rebels continue to be virtually on their own. Rather ridiculous. I've heard that President Obama and Hillary Clinton (U.S. Secretary of State) are waiting until after the election to really "deal" effectively with the situation, so they don't anger potential voters and thus lose the election. Oh yeah, that gentleman and his cabinet have their priorities in the right place (lots, and lots of sarcasm right there if you couldn't tell). It would be nice if someone in the West stood up for people that cannot do so; America used to do that, but apparently it isn't in vogue anymore. Such a shame. Therefore we should continue to keep those people in mind, and make people aware of the situation so that something is done. Since I was unable to acquire the film when it was released on DVD/ Blu-ray, I got Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows from Netflix and watched it. It is still as good, humorous, intriguingly interesting and fascinating as I remember it when I saw it in the theatre back....oh when it was released in December of 2011. I really love how Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr. have transformed Sherlock Holmes, and I also like how Jude Law performs Dr. Watson. Halfway through the week once again; I can't wait to see what the rest of it ends up being like.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Fight Scene

Butter Trailer (it actually looks surprisingly good, but we'll see).

The latest Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer (all I have to say is WOW!)

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