Friday, August 31, 2012

Assumptions About People.

This past evening I watched the film The Descendants which stars George Clooney, Matthew Lillard, Shailene Woodley and Beau Bridges. Before I ramble on into my critique of it, I would like to say something about a theme I saw while watching the film. When we see people we begin to make assumptions about everything concerning who and what they are; it's like a puzzle we humans automatically begin to attempt to solve. Some are better at this then others, many are dreadful at it and make lousy mistakes. Just because a person behaves a certain way when you first meet them, or even after, it doesn't mean that you actually know who they are, or what they are even about. Assumed suppositions about an individual's lifestyle has lead to a great deal of anger and hurt. I am guilty of this, but fortunately I keep my big mouth shut most of the time and spare myself the grief of others hearing and seeing my stupidity; many people are not as gracious. I think it would be better just accept people for who and what they are, and if necessary worry about everything else later on once you get to know them. Hopefully that made just a tiny bit of sense. Now. The film was fantastically delightful. George Clooney really brought it with his delivery of the character he played. He's a father and a husband who's dealing with the fact that his wife is in a coma, and also that he discovers that she was cheating on him. Not only does he get to deal with all of that and some business issues that a lot of people's futures balance on, but he has to manage his two daughters who are dealing with their mother's difficulties in their own unique ways. Shailene Wood plays his oldest daughter, Alexandra, and the two of them make a great on-screen duo as father and daughter. It is in a way how I would like my relationship with my daughter at that age to be like. The screenplay was great, as was the cinematography, and the rest of the casting as well. I'm giving a rating of "Strong Ability" and I think (if you can overlook the foul language) that if you enjoy excellent films, drama, then you most certainly with like this film. There was also lots of little moments of subtle humor weaved perfectly throughout the film which had me laughing and smiling. The rest of the day would have seen me melt, but I'm too stubborn to have it all end that way so here I am with my apartment finally at 80 degrees F. after rising to nearly 88 degrees F. which has been very annoying, but I think they're working on replacing my A/C unit, but I probably wont have it until Tuesday at earliest just my luck due to the Labor Day Weekend holiday. Everyone please enjoy it for me since I am not currently part of the labor force. Hopefully soon.

The Descendants Behind the Scenes Featurette 

Love and Honor Trailer (looks very blah, but for those of you who are interested it has Liam Hemsworth in it. I don't know if that can redeem it though).

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