Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Hot One.

Yes the temperature soared today once again, but I wasn't entirely baking though thank goodness and it cooled off enough once the sun was setting so I was content, but I still would like that A/C unit replaced. Today was lovely. Spoke to two of my sisters today for a combined length of over 2 hours (I am such a good brother aren't I). One of my sisters visited former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson's house in Monticello and she described the experience as amazing. That's actually the only part of this country that I haven't been to yet; I've been on all of the coasts, except for the Eastern United States. I definitely need to work on that. Got some writing done, and yes I even have something to post: The Sword and the Shield: Love in the Unfamiliar. It's not my best work of fiction ever, but it is another link in a grand chain of stories that will be culminating to a fantastic end in November. That is actually something that I am very excited about, and hopefully by then I will be ready to begin writing the epic finale to The Tale of 3 Brothers. All in all it was a lovely and busy day, but from my point of view it was all rather boring. I did watch a bunch of videos from the Republican National Convention which were interesting, and now I am greatly intrigued to see how the Democrats respond to the Republicans at their convention. American politics; very awesome, although somewhat irritating. At least our politicians can speak their minds without fear of reprisal. Well stay informed people and know why you are doing what you are doing, that's all I have to say. Ciao!

A good friend shared this with me on Facebook, so I thought that I would share it with ya'll. The man has some very good points, and the delivery is very cool. Check out more of these types of videos.

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