Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Interesting Legacy.

Once again it was another hot day and my air conditioning was not working once again, but I was with a friend out and about for a good portion of the day hanging out in air conditioned places. I wasn't very pleased about my A/C not being repaired, but life goes on and it actually got pretty cool as the sun went down, at least in comparison to what the daytime temperature was like. UPS didn't deliver my parcel either so that was very, very frustrating. Both of these things will hopefully be solved by tomorrow. After eating lunch, my friend and I went and saw The Bourne Legacy and well....it was diverting enough I will put it that way. I didn't give it really high marks because it wasn't really anything extraordinary, so I gave it an "Admirable Ability." At the moment I am watching In Treatment and so far so good; there is much more drama taking place out of the sessions which can be far more interesting sometimes. For the most part it was a good day despite all of the irritating mishaps that took place. It was awesome to see my friend again, as he recently returned from Iraq teaching English. He had quite a few interesting stories. Good, solid friends are hard to come by, and I am very lucky to have found one of them. The sad thing is he will be returning to teach in Iraq at the end of the month, but it will be a fantastic continuing opportunity for my friend, but I will be saddened to see him go. Well I'm going to finish up watching In Treatment and then read my newspapers before heading off to bed, so everyone have a great night and try not to melt as I am certain it is fairly hot nearly everywhere on the planet.

The Bourne Legacy Feature

Scene Selection from The Bourne Legacy

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