Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adventures in the Freezer.

It was a hot day in San Diego, so I took my wand, waving it around a few times while saying some magic words, and and shrunk myself so that I could fit comfortably inside of my freezer. Once I got the door open with my handy wand and then shut it so all of the cold air wouldn't escape I created a light. Soon I was nice and cool, but then I realized that I wasn't dressed for sub-zero temperatures, so I used my wand to create some warm clothes for myself. Soon I was walking amongst the frozen chicken and vegetables; the butter that I would be using for baking cookies later on and the fish which looked at me with a very creepy gaze. I then happened across the ice cube trays and decided to go ice skating. From as many times as I fell, it was clear to me that I needed to ice skate more frequently so I didn't bruise my rump the next time. Eventually I sat down and created a fire in a metal ring with my wand and began whistling an old tune. Since I had my wand, I thought what the heck, and summoned all of the ingredients to make smores which I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite. An alarm began beeping on my watch which meant, sadly, that my rental time for the wand that I had borrowed was about up. Moaning, I opened the freezer door, after expunging the fire, and waved goodbye to my frosty wonderland before jumping out and restoring myself to my normal size. Within a matter of moments after that, a wizard came by to pick up the wand, but before leaving had me fill out a customer satisfaction form about how my experiences with the wand were. As you can imagine, I gave a glowing review and then the wizard disappeared with a "poof." It wasn't long soon after that I wished I had the wand again as the heat began melt me like chocolate. I got on the internet and reserved the wand for the next day, although I increased the amount of time which I was able to keep it this time around. Perhaps I will one day be able to get my own wand. Aside from that part of my day, I had lunch with a friend earlier which was lovely, and then did some editing for A Tale of 3 Brothers on my website. But as I was about to write my Modern War Story...I just couldn't do it....that's when I went for a little escape in the freezer. Hey, why roast when you can chill. I hope that your day was just as interesting as mine.

A French Toast Recipe

On The Road Trailer (looks very....very....interesting and disturbing at the same time.)

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