Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything.

Today was another one of those days where I was able to get several things accomplished, small though they may be. If I was consistently able to do this, then I would be oh so productive all of the time, but I guess that would mean that I am working all of the time. I did some reading, mediation, relaxing, some fun, watched the Olympics, and wrote a review on The Avengers film score by Alan Silvestri. Wow did that score suck. I mean it was horrible, and perhaps the worst film score that I have listened to for a very, very long time. Not quite certain what he was thinking, but the film was at least a success; not sure how the music figured into all of that. So apparently the U.S. Women's Olympic team for gymnastics won gold, we got a bronze in synchronized diving, along with some other medals in swimming or something like that. After watching the primetime Olympic coverage for an hour and a half, I was done. I mean, as marvelous as it is to see people compete with such physical stamina and prowess; how many swim competitions and qualifying rounds can there be. I wish I could write more about the Olympics, but my mind just went blank. On to a different topic.  Food. You never realize how good television commercials make food look until you're ridiculously hungry, then everything looks good. If you've got a fast metabolism and relatively good dietary/eating habits, then food is the best coping strategy. I think I might try making it mine; food used to be just a means to survive, i didn't take pleasure in it. However, as I am now living on my own, I find that I am enjoying food more often than I ever did. For instance, chocolate cheesecake sounds so good right now, or a juicy roast beef sandwich with french fries and a tall glass of raspberry lemonade. Okay, now that I've made myself hungry I'm going to go. Half-way through the week and it's the first day of August! May this be a phenomenal month for everyone, especially including me. I could use some really good news right about now.

Selection from The Avengers film score (The Main Theme)

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