Monday, August 20, 2012

700th Post and Still Climbing!

After essentially two years of going at it I am still going strong and fulfilling my desire to post something on this blog every day. Now I haven't gotten to my ultimate goal, which is to post something on every day for a whole year, but I'm working on it. It's been a lot of fun blogging, and a lot of work; I think coming up with new and different titles is one of the more difficult things to do consistently, but I have always tried to make what I say interesting, amusing, and with a gentle tone of seriousness when the occasion calls for it. It was a lovely day. It was nice cool, in relative perspective to the past few days. I am hoping this is a continuing trend for the remainder of the year. Fortunately I was able to multitask and get a good portion of writing done while I also did a film score review of Hans Zimmer's music for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which I have to say that I liked even more than the score for the first film. This composer is on a roll for me as of late; so let's hope that he does not disappoint with Man of Steel (the new Superman film). At first I was going to watch a little bit of "Hell's Kitchen" just to find out who gets axed next, but then I remembered all of the contestants along with their foul tongues, bad attitudes, inability to be kind and I decided not to; all of that negative crap sucks if you think about it. No wonder western society is getting screwier all of the time; people stuff their heads with "entertainment" like that. So instead I watched this film called Toast. It is a British made film which stars Freddie Highmore, Oscar Kennedy, Ken Stott, and Helena Bonham Carter. Summing it up would be rather ridiculous, but suffice to say that a young boy finds out of tragedy a passion for his life, but also finds motivation to do something more with his life. Ironically a lot of this film has to do with food, which I didn't realize at the time; and boy do they make good looking food in this film. I have never seen a lemon meringue pie in my entire life that looks as good as the one on this film. The story isn't at first what you'd think, and sometimes the animosity between the characters doesn't make much sense, but it is well acted, humorous, and most of all purely delightful. I give it a "Strong Ability" and recommend it to anyone who is fond of excellent films. The nice thing about it being so cool is that I was able to sneak in some baking. I just finished making some chocolate chip cookies and they taste so divine, especially when they're freshly warm out of the oven and melt in your mouth. I'm really beginning to love food, but I will and have always loved chocolate.

Toast Trailer

Selection from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows score

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