Thursday, August 23, 2012

2nd Star to the Right!

I had a rather busy day...although I suppose that isn't entirely true, but it certainly did feel that way. First things first, I had a job interview today which went very, very well. The gentleman I spoke with was very kind and easy to interact with, and we spoke for about an hour almost (if memory serves correctly) although it went by very fast. I was bloody nervous and my heart was beating like a drum, but I didn't get all anxiety ridden like I usually do before the actual even, so that was quite a relief. The job looks promising and is right up my avenue, so we shall see where it goes. I spoke with one of my closest friends who lives in Montana, he's a police officer, and he's the one I stayed with last year if those of you who remember my posts about my vacation. It was fantastic to chat with him again and catch up on new and old times. One of the larger highlights of the night though was watching this mini-series called Neverland which was amazing! I am not exaggerating by saying it is the finest adaptation (so far I have only watch the first part) of the Peter Pan story I have ever seen in my entire life. There is something so magical, vibrant, intriguing about the world, and the characters are amazing! I could ooze deliciously over the series, but that would most likely get on everyone's nerve really quickly. So to put it plainly, everyone should watch this show; it is British and well made, and highly enjoyable. It does put a different spin on the tale, but it is a welcome one after so many remakes of the same thing with no new fresh life breathed into anything. I know I haven't mentioned Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in a while, but I have to say that I love that show, and it is far better in every single possible way than The Next Generation series. The weekend has almost arrived and soon we will be down to the last remaining week in August. Enjoy it while it's here I suppose.

Neverland Trailer

Neverland Opening Sequence

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