Sunday, July 1, 2012

Starting New in a New Month.

If you would have told me that I would be where I am now a month ago I would have either laughed or panicked, probably a combination of both. Now though I get an opportunity to reshape my entire status completely from scratch, hopefully. I had been mentioning for a while that I wanted to get a different job and perhaps career, well now I have that ability to grab hold of something different and seize it. Now the difficult part is that I have got to find it and remain patient and believe....for lack of a better way to describe my sucky situation currently. Enough endless jabbering though. I actually got quite a bit of writing done today. Not only did I start a short story, but I also did some writing for my new children's book, and I did a film music review of Inception. The funny thing about that is that I hadn't looked at my index of film music reviews on my website very carefully, so I reviewed the same score twice. Talk about frustrating and feeling rather stupid, but I didn't want to waste all of the time that I had spent on the review so I deleted the old one and posted the new one. It is an improvement as it does use my new methodology, but the review is still similar except not as wordy. I had the weirdest dreams last night. I won't go into all of them, but the one that woke me up before I decided to get up was quite....strange. I was at one of my old houses in the barn, but with me were former President G.W. Bush and his wife. The main door to the barn was open and Mrs. Bush was quite upset at her husband for leaving it opened; he looked very ashamed. I of course had to open my big mouth and ask what the big deal was, at which point several furry little animals came running in. I tried to get away, but the skunk sprayed me with something and I jerked up from my dream awake. Not certain why all of those things were in a dream together, but it goes to show that the unconscious and all elements of the brain are curious phenomena.

Hans Zimmer Composing the Inception Score (very cool)

Dream is Collapsing (selection from "Inception" score)

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