Monday, July 9, 2012

Some French History.

For some reason my days tend to go in cycles of high productivity and enjoyment, to tapering off and then sinking really slow on morale. It's kind of weird. Fortunately today was marked by high productivity. I cleaned up around the apartment and did some chores, and I did a tiny bit of writing. While I was doing technical work for my website, I listened to the Prometheus film score and did a review. I was a little let down when I listened to it after having watched the film and thought that it was really good. The score though by Marc Streitendfeld, although fit the action very well on the screen most of the time, isn't something you'd want to listen to by itself. He's a good film composer and I was disappointed by his efforts, but the main theme/motif for the film is amazing! And as I mentioned above I was doing some editing on my website; you know checking all of the links to make certain they're not broken and what not. I was looking at all of them and wow, I have a lot of pages to look at these days. I've had this website up and running for over 3 years now and have accumulated a large amount of material on it; it would take me several hours to check all of the links and make any necessary adjustments. I suppose it could be worse. Nothing new on the job front except no job yet. And of course I keep reading about how the economy is slowing down even more again, so I and several other people are getting kicked while we're already down. Isn't life great. So I went to the local library near me and was horrified to see how small it was. I swear ever since I moved away from Oshkosh, Wisconsin every public library has become increasingly smaller, and smaller despite though moving closer to larger and larger cities. However, I was able to make a good selection on the biography of Napoleon: The Path To Power. I had always wanted to read a bio on the man and now seemed like the perfect opportunity. For me, why read books written by men about how to be successful in 5 easy steps who have only really experienced superficial success, when you can read about a man who was born of ill regard and became the Emperor of Europe. Read the real success stories of really successful people if you want the "secrets" to success which mostly seem to be perseverance, hard work, and upstanding my personal opinion at least. So far it has an interesting beginning, and the author isn't boring me yet, but I still have over 500 pages to go so we shall see how long my interest can remain. I'm going to try and do some serious writing tomorrow, but with the heat beginning to rise it may prove a difficult challenge. Perhaps I can write at the library?

"Life" A Selection from the film score Prometheus

Marc Streitenfeld on scoring Prometheus

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