Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reading & Writing.

Actually now that I think about it, for a good part of the day I spent a lot of time reading. But, I didn't read my Napoleon biography (although I was hoping to get around to it). Finally I got the last book from the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini Inheritance from the library today. And I'm going to read it after I post this blog. I've almost read a hundred pages or so, which is the nice thing about this book is that it is light reading and several of the details which he writes about are easily skipped over. I must admit that his style still sounds very amateur like, but people still like him. I actually just finished editing/proofreading a friend's mini-dissertation for grad school. That put me in the mood to return to higher education; I forgot how much I missed academia and studying psychology. Hopefully in the next year or two I will return and get a masters degree in something in the field of writing or psychology. Applied for another job today, so we'll see where that goes, even though I am hoping that I get it since it revolves around me utilizing my writing skills. I did watch week 3 of In Treatment season 2 and things picked up a little more, but still many of the patients and their problems are boring. I keep hoping for someone to have a really crazy or weird problem, but so far nothing really out of the ordinary garden variety of psych problems. So finally I got the proofs to the 2nd edition of The Curse of a Warrior all taken care of and according to my cover artist I should have printed proofs to look at soon. Hopefully everything is smooth sailing from here and I can get on with the second book.

Christopher Paolini Interview

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