Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Radical Notion.

"You're waiting for a train...." Inception is truly an inspirational film from a creative point of view, and as I watched this evening it actually would be a very radical notion to think that some of us may be dreaming in a way similar to what transpires in the film. It is of course improbable, but not impossible. I've experienced several dreams where a "kick" happens and I jump up in bed awake, or the notion that you don't know when your dream begins except that you're the middle of what is going on, or that dying in the dream usually wakes you up. Although I swear one time in a very recent dream I died, only to find myself in another dream and then wake up from that one; I have a very interesting unconscious. Many dreams I have had felt incredibly real to me. One thing I cannot stand about dreams though is the slow motion effect; for instance you're trying to outrun a man trying to shoot you and you're going really slowly around the corners, or slogging your way through grime and muck. It is one of the things about dreams I hate the most, or the visuals and sensations one gets when one needs to use the bathroom. As a psych person I could talk about dreams and the unconscious for a long time, but I have a feeling all of that would bore many of you, and yes I am aware that those two things have Sigmund Freud in common with each other and yes I happen to like his psychological theories a lot as they seem to make sense to me. Anyways see what I mean. Today was just another Sunday where I read the paper while I watched Law & Order and then later on did some more reading on Napoleon, and then some random relaxing. I have to admit that when I made myself salmon this evening along with assorted vegetables and rolls for dinner that I am getting closer to cooking fish really, really well. I have to get the cook time a little more perfected, and then I have got to work really hard with the seasoning. I use pepper, salt, and a smidgen of curry powder. All of that works fairly well, but it gets a little old after a while. I'm going to cross my fingers, pray, and be very positive that this is going to be the week that shapes up for me to discover the job that I have been searching and waiting for since I was fired over a little over a month ago. Here we go.

Inception Documentary

A scene from Inception

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