Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Out of Treatment.

Well today didn't exactly go how I originally planned it, but in the end I think everything balanced itself out pretty good. Did the usual stuff in the morning and first half of the day, actually that was most of the day now that I think of it. Huh. I guess I'm making a routine even when I'm trying not to. I didn't get to read any of my Napoleon book, but I just finished up some writing that I had been doing for about 3 hours give or take. It was a short story that I wanted to post tonight, but I was running out of steam along with this huge headache right next to my occipital lobe (the back of my head). Thus I decided to finish up tomorrow and post it then. So I finished watching In Treatment season 1, and I have to admit that the season finale, or rather the last week was a huge let down and very flat. I was supremely disappointed and hope that they make up for it in second season. Overall the 1st season was good, although it had its ups and downs, but I really enjoyed the show overall and wished that they could have made longer episodes with just as many. That however would have been a colossal undertaking, so I suppose I'm content with what there is. Even though it isn't reality, it has certainly helped give me insight on my own desires to go into private practice one day as a psychological therapist. I believe I could handle all of the challenges that counseling patients would provide, but I would certainly never have my office at home; I can't imagine having that sort of work be brought to my home, not to mention revealing where I lived to all of the potentially crazy and broken people that I counseled. As a show though, very good and yes I'd recommend it to people who like good character development shows, and ones of course based from a psychological perspective. It's ironic. I began watching this show the very day I was fired from my job, which tomorrow will be an exact month since that happened. Right now my headache is pounding like an angry elephant so I'm going to exit and do something about it. Have a great week!

In Treatment Season 1 Documentary

In Treatment Season 2 Trailer (looks...interesting to say the least).

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