Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Not Until The Fat Lady Sings."

And I'm not talking about the one who sings the American anthem on some opera stage with a screechy voice. This evening to celebrate American Independence from Great Britain's global empire, I decided to watch Independence Day, which although isn't per se linked to the actual historic event, I thought that it was fitting due to the nature of all humanity to free from a harshly imposed rule similar to obedience or face extermination. A small commentary for today might be something like freedom is costly and thousands die to attain it, but the tyrants and dictators should never sleep well; it only takes one spark to ignite the flame of dissent until it cannot be repressed any longer. Another thing is that the road to successful democracy is plagued with troubles and difficulties; if it was easy, then everyone would have a great democracy instead of the messed up governments that populate the world. The United States of America is 229 years old. When this country was founded, Britain still had a King as Did France and most of Europe along with Russia. China and Japan had emperors, and the Ottomans ruled the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of the eastern Europe. It might be safe to say that since the Republic of Rome, the United States was truly the first Republic in the age of dictators. Now we are one of many nations who have embraced democracy in the world, and more continue to do so now, and although it may seem bleak for those young democracies coming out now everyone thought that the United States (that crazy experiment in democracy) would fail, and it almost did several times to. Yet we are still here and strong. Happy Birthday United States! So since it was a holiday I took full advantage and did nothing productive whatsoever besides look for a job; I guess you can't always be productive. As I mentioned above I watched Independence Day, which in my opinion is the best alien earth invasion film of all time. Great cast, great writing, great action, and of course great music. David arnold who composed the music for the film, Independence Day, did a truly fantastic job and should have received an Academy Award for it. Oh well. Now that the holiday is over, tomorrow is another day, and hopefully one that brings a promise of something more than just hope, and "hang in there." I hope everyone had an excellent day. God bless America and every other nation in the world!

Independence Day Trailer

Celine Dion sings "God Bless America"

"Over There" (some good old American music; pity it has gone out of style).

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