Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No More July.

The day was singularly uninteresting and boring. I accidentally spent more time on the computer doing frivolous things than I anticipated that I would be, but I managed to all of the other stuff that I wanted to do throughout the day in the end. I finished another Modern Warfare Story; The Sword and the Shield: Bonds Stronger than Fear, and slowly but surely I am slowly making my way to the end of the series. It's taking forever, but I think I will be satisfied with it when all is said and done. After watching the Olympics 4 days in a row I decided to take a small break. You could spend hours and hours everyday if you sat down and watched just the coverage on NBC alone, which is pretty incredible if you think about because they don't even show a quarter of all the events. Speaking of the Olympics. China got the gold last night for men's gymnastics team, which they deserved with their amazing performances. I have to make a cruel joke right now about that though. After their terrible preliminaries, the Chinese government probably threatened to kill their families, or without something or promise some kind of tortuous punishment if they didn't turn it around. And low and behold the team performed fantastically. That probably didn't happen, but I wouldn't put it past the Chinese government. However, the athletes performed and they are the ones who got the gold because of all their hard work. It was irritating to discover that Britain received silver and Ukraine bronze only to discover that Japan complained to have the judges reevaluate their team star's poor performance. Japan then was awarded the silver and Britain got the bronze knocking Ukraine completely off. That sucked, and the initial decision should have been final; oh well though. The U.S. men's gymnastics team place 5th, which is remarkable considering how much they sucked despite having a great beginning. Can't win them all. Apparently Michael Phelps won two more medals tonight adding to his already vast collection making him one of the greatest Olympians of all time according to the commentators. The United States and China seem to be tied with the amount of medals won so far, but the Olympics are far from over. Oh yeah and week 5 of In Treatment was good and it seems to be picking up with only 2 weeks (discs) remaining in season 2. From the looks of it season 3 only has 4 weeks (discs) so there will be more episodes per disc, or the season was just incredibly short. Hopefully the patients will be more interesting. Ciao!

Cloud Atlas Trailer (a very long trailer to an apparently complex film. The Wachowskis latest film. It should be very....interesting to say the least.)

Skyfall the Latest Trailer

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