Friday, July 27, 2012

Let The Games Begin!

As I type this up I am finishing watching the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics in London, Great Britain. The parade of nations just finished and they are finishing up the rest of the show. Unfortunately I did not see the Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies in 2008, but the pictures I saw looked incredible. As I watched what had been planned for London, it struck me as...boring, silly, and I hate to say it because of all the hard work put into it, but a lot of it was just dumb or rather lame. It was an interesting perspective, but it seemed a little too...disjointed and random; not a lot of fluidity to the narrative it attempted to give. Anyways, it's passed and now the real attractions can take over. I have attempted to decipher how to watch everything that I want and yet I still find it difficult, but I am going to find a way as apparently there is a way to watch every single event. I have to admit that the commercials during the opening ceremonies were...interesting to say the least. Before that I watched week 4 of In Treatment and it actually was much, much better than all of the previous weeks so I remain hopeful as there are only 3 weeks left (3 discs). Oh yes, and of course I finished Inheritance today, although I stayed up until almost 4am this morning to finish it before I decided to put it down. It was a good book, I didn't care for the ending, which took forever to end actually. And yes I was for the most part correct in my predictions, and it's ending was very similar to The Return of the Jedi and Return of the King which I just noticed that those two titles are very similar. Huh? I wonder if George Lucas thought of that when he came up with the title. My critique I will save for later, but I thought that it was interesting in the acknowledgments in the back of the book he said that he would one day return to the world of Alegaesia and write more about Dragon Riders and the characters that inhabit that world. Hopefully his writing style will have matured more when that happens. So as the torch is about to be lit and brought into the stadium I am going to call it a night.

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