Monday, July 16, 2012

A Labyrinth of Cyberspace.

Right as I was logging on to blog tonight I came across a headline about passengers on some Delta Airline flights that found actual needles in sandwiches that they were consuming. Ouch! I don't even want to imagine that happening to me. The moral of the story: be careful what you eat on airlines, and don't ever eat anything from Delta, unless you want severe...indigestion. So today was very routine and busy. I was online editing my website,, for quite a long time and I also posted a review of The Amazing Spider-Man soundtrack by James Horner. Definitely a score that I recommend to listen to and add to one's catalog of film scores. I did some more reading on Napoleon, who is turning out be quite an interesting individual the more I read. He was a lieutenant colonel at age 22 or so, and although he was Corsican he, after some wretched circumstances that happened on the island, pretty much thought of himself as French from 1793 (approximately) until his death it seems. He failed so much and tried so hard before he became great; it kind of gives me hope. If such men can rise from the ashes of defeat again, again, again, and yet again then so can I and any other individual who persistently pursues her or his desires. I suppose one automatically thinks that Napoleon automatically became great, but there is so much in his struggle and I am still in his young adult life (20's). After reading the newspaper (pretty much bad news all around on average) and eating dinner, I watched Pan's Labyrinth, and despite some fairly grisly violence I love that film. Guillermo del Toro created a visionary, creative masterpiece; not to mention I love Gothic fairy tales and excellent drama which is what the film is. It is fantastic, and if you like good drama, fantastic films, and a sumptuous visual feast then you will love this film. Oh, and my headaches thank goodness are nearly gone at last. Not certain what I did, but I am glad to be rid of them. Here's still hoping for good things for the rest of the week.

Make-up and Creature design for Pan's Labyrinth

Scene from Pan's Labyrinth (happens to be one of my favorites).


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    1. Thank you very much! I try to make everything I write interesting most of the time. Thanks for reading!