Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just Keep Swimming.

It was cycling as I got up this morning and went to men's volleyball and some other events that I can't remember before I went on to something else. Later on at night I watched ladies' gymnastics, lots & lots of swimming and then a little bit of diving. I never knew there could be so many different kinds of swim races; I keep getting lost at what they're doing and haven't have done yet. A lot of qualifying was tonight and the medal stuff is tomorrow. The U.S.A. women's gymnastic team did very well, although I saw some of Great Britain as well and they seemed rather good. It's annoying as NBC only shows a very limited amount of the competition of anything. When I was chatting with my mother, I suggested that perhaps in the United States all of the television networks could divide the Olympic events amongst themselves instead of NBC having a monopoly. Well as far as the 2012 Summer Olympics go, tomorrow should be good as there are medal events whereas a lot of tonight was just qualifying. The rest of the day was very uneventful and boring. I haven't been as disciplined with writing lately as I would like, but there are other things that have my direct concern more than whether or not I am writing and posting something on my website. So at the moment the U.S. ladies' gymnastics teams is on the balance beam at the moment so I'm going to finish watching that along with some more swimming before I call it a night. Hopefully everyone's last July weekend was a good one.

Ryan Lochte on his Olympic Journey

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