Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Interstellar Super Mutant Virus!

I don't know how many times I have written this on my blog, but I hate being sick, especially when I am trying to sleep. Wow, last night was dreadful. I woke up so many times with my nose stuffed like a Christmas stocking and my throat sore and like the river Nile, along with a headache, mouth ache, and ear ache that would have made an elephant jealous. Thank God for modern medicinal aides. I took some nasal spray and some ibuprofen and called it a night, which did help me immensely better but it could have been better. Oh well. Everything almost today tasted blah, and I felt blah too. I commented about something in my room when I was waking up and my voice sounded like Darth Vader's when he has a cold. Fortunately the entire day wasn't all that bad, but it was enough to sap me of all my creative energies. I'd hate to jinx it, but at the moment I feel good, aside from my head feeling slightly.....lightheaded. Can't have everything. So a good portion of the day was chilling and staying hydrated, and that's that. Although it was rather warm out today, but according to my sister that lives in Illinois, it was 103 degrees Fahrenheit there. Yuck! I am very lucky and blessed to live in San Diego. When being sick, usually there is very little to share as this form of survival is rather boring. I do have a feeling though that the rest of the week will not be like that. Some interesting news is that the Red Cross has officially called the Syrian conflict a civil war and therefore subject to the Geneva Convention (according to what I understand). If I understand this correctly, then any further atrocities will be treated as war crimes, and I heard the number of dead (conservative) is 17,000. We'll see if "do nothing" remains the U.S. government's position after the elections in November. All Americans should think about that when they vote, not just ourselves.

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