Saturday, July 7, 2012

"I'm Only Here for the Food."

Keeping oneself busy seems to help when attempting to continue to look at the bright side of life instead of all  the negative occurrences that are happening to it. So in essence today was much better than yesterday thank goodness. I didn't get much accomplished, but I do rationalize that it is the weekend. There were a few jobs that I almost applied for, but I didn't have all of the requirements for one, and the other job which would have been perfect was from the same company that I was fired from; talk about cruel irony. I am hopeful that I am getting closer though now to finding the right job, and career; it's kind of tiring simply choosing a job so that it pays the bills, and it sucks that so many people have to go that route in life. I'm going to try and get a job that I want though, and if I need to take a job to survive, well then I guess I have no choice. I didn't mention about what happened in week 8 of In Treatment because I was out of sorts yesterday, but I was right; something really, really big happened, and twice for that matter. It was an astounding week, and I am eagerly anticipating the last week of season 1; I can't wait to see how everything is tied up, and if anyone is coming back for season 2 besides the therapist. I did get some writing done, but only a little. I was partially distracted setting up the voice command system for my lap top computer. For the most part it went well, and  I actually began to use it when writing my story, however it quickly became a pain in the neck and was taking longer than if I was just typing. It also has difficulty with certain sounds that certain words make when spoken; you have to manually spell them for the computer to get what you're saying. The whole idea works, but I would like to just speak flow of consciousness without having to worry about whether or not the computer understood me. I watched Ever After tonight for some odd reason as it had been on my mind lately. It's an old family favorite that my siblings and I quoted a lot; I guess I was perhaps feeling rather nostalgic yet again. Fantastic film that made me laugh a lot and remember more humorous times at least, not necessarily always better, unless it was because my family was still just that; a whole family together not separated by space, time, or woes. Have a good night and a great rest of the weekend everyone, and hopefully your July is going rather well so far.

Ever After Trailer

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