Thursday, July 19, 2012

How Very Elementary.

I would have tot say that today was a very good day, and relatively productive as well. I think I did everything that I wanted to do from reading, to writing, to cleaning, to relaxing, to doing nothing, to editing, and so forth and so on. I finished and posted another modern war story The Sword and the Shield: More Than a Terrorist. It's a good edition to the overall story being told and I finally begin my downward spiral of the end of the series as I unveil the "master plan" of the villain. I also began editing the chapters from the first part of a Tale of 3 Brothers. My hope is to polish up all 38 chapters and get any other little details before I begin writing the last part of that series, that way the second part is that much richer and interesting, which according to my planning it should be. I felt like watching Sherlock Holmes played by Jeremy Brett today. If you're unaware of his performance of the great detective then it is a real shame because I personally believe that he is the best Sherlock Holmes brought to life by any actor, and then next is Robert Downey Jr. and then Basil Rathbone, followed by Peter Cushings who makes a far better Van Helsing in my opinion than Sherlock Holmes. Anyways "The Second Stain" is the episode that I watched, and it is I believe the first episode that I ever saw with Jeremy Brett in it and what got me interested in that particular series. I have the great luck and fortune to own the entire series on DVD along with the miniature TV films that the series made, all for British television so you know it has to be good. Many of the episodes though are also on Netflix in case you're interested in checking it out. I prefer the Watson from The Return of Sherlock Holmes season as opposed to the Watson from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes season (which was essentially season 1). All of that may seem a little extreme and ridiculous, but I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. I've been reading it since I was at least in 2nd grade (8 or 9 yrs old) and I watched the Basil Rathbone films when I was that age as well. I've always loved the character since I can really remember. So over the past two days or so it looks like the Syrian resistance to the Assad regime has begun to make things happen since no one outside of their country seems inclined to do so. Many are calling this a turning point in the civil war. I certainly hope so for the people of Syria's sake; there's been enough innocent bloodshed, and the longer this war goes on the more festering hate there will be afterwards. You know, in reading about Napoleon I am learning a great deal about the French Revolution and boy was that a messy, bloody, horrible, and disorganized affair. But is that what people think about when they think of France now? Food for thought.

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes

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