Monday, July 23, 2012

Friends Make Life Better.

Often you hear the phrase "it's not what you know, it's who you know," which I believe has a lot of truth to it and goes to show that being friendly towards others and being in general an amiable person versus a rude, ungrateful, gossipy, and negative helps one more in the long run when it comes to surviving this expedition called life. I actually spoke to a number of friends today, which was a very pleasant surprise. Even though I am not a huge social butterfly, I enjoy communicating and spending time with my friends. So no writing today, but to segue with what I wrote above, one of the friends I saw and spoke with today was helping me try to get a job where she works at. I did some testing at this place to see if I am desirable enough to interview for the position. And my friend was very encouraging and helpful along the way, and we'll whether or not I obtain employment there and put an end to over a month's uncertainty and consternation ever fluctuating inside of my head. The nice thing about this place is that it isn't too far from where I live, although one wrong turn was all it took to get lost, but fortunately I found it just in time. Leaving though, I didn't follow my gut instinct and went home via a very, very scenic route; I wouldn't encourage that for the average driver as I almost got hit by a few nuts. Hey, what's life without a little excitement. The rest of the day was filled with whatever, relaxing, reading, talking and that's about it. Oh just a little interesting side note, President Obama's administration has finally admitted that the U.N. has utterly failed in their mission to acquire peace in Syria and are now apparently attempting to find ways of removing Assad from power. I wonder what changed their minds, or rather what made them finally realize after 13 months that Assad wasn't going to be going anywhere voluntarily? Hopefully this new assistance isn't too late, and their lack of early help won't damage any future positive relationship with the new government of Syria when it comes about. The next few weeks should prove interesting, and the Olympics begin this week with the opening ceremonies starting Friday I believe. Watching the events though will be quite....interesting from how I hear NBC is planning their broadcast coverage.
Abbot & Costello Comedy Sketch (saw it and it brought a smile to my face).

Abbot & Costello Comedy Sketch "Who's On First" (a classic; I couldn't resist).

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