Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family of Another Kind.

I have my immediate family made up of my parents and sisters, and then I have my extended family made up of aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and so forth, and then I have my second family out here in California. I have actually known this family since fall of 2005 and have been joining them for all sort of holidays and special events. They are a very gracious and kind set of dear people, and I am immensely thankful that they have taken me in so to speak and made me feel like I was home and that I am a part of their family. I had dinner there tonight  and we all hung out for a while and had a fantastic time; there was steak, grilled asparagus (which is more amazing than you'll ever believe), corn on the cob, and then of course apple pie for dessert (I think I had three or more slices). Not only was the food scrumptious, but all of the company was as well. That took up most of the evening and before that...well I wasn't doing too much, and then I was reading so my day was fairly uneventful. There we are. I'm going to shoot to get some writing done tomorrow, not quite certain what I'll write though. Maybe I'll write a little of everything. Once again my head is throbbing, this time all over, so I'm going to relax and watch some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Ciao.

Oz The Great & Powerful Trailer (It looks.....good at times, and then it gets me a little concerned. Honestly I don't know what to expect, and aside from James Franco, I'm not certain about the rest of the cast. Who knows though, maybe I'll like it...even though I didn't like what Sam Raimi did with his Spider-Man trilogy, especially with who he cast. He was the director of those films and this one).

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