Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dinner with Friends.

Today was very busy. Did my normal routine and then cleaned the apartment for my dinner party tonight with, which took a very long time to do.  I guess that means that I should clean more often. Anyways, after that I saw down and finished writing that short story from last night: The Sword and the Shield: Grieving the Living. It took me forever to finish it off, so it's kind of long, but I really like what I did with this part of the story. Hopefully I will finish with the Modern War stories series before my self-appointed deadline in November, because it is taking me longer to write all of the stories than I originally thought, but fortunately I have plenty of time before the deadline. Dinner was great. The food was scrumptious and the company was fantastic. All of us laughed so hard and had such a good time, I can't wait for the next time! The molasses cookies that I made for dessert were of course a huge success, and I even have few left over for a midnight snack. Well I can't think of anything else to yack about, which in my case might be a good thing, but now that I think about it today marks a complete month since I was fired (in my opinion unfairly, but whatever) and I am still looking for a another job. I am hoping that I find another job really soon, preferably that I like, but like I mentioned before I'm not opposed to working just to survive. Have a fantastic rest of the week everyone.

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